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Level 1

Pirates Ahoy!

Ahoy mateys! A fun lively session with costumed pirates, including swashbuckling pirate fun, songs and dressing up followed by a hunt around the ship to find Captain Scallywag’s treasure!   *Upgrade  with real treasure to take home (chocolate coins) for only £1 per pupil.*

Sink or Swim

Based on the principles of floating and sinking, children will experiment with different materials to make a boat suitable for Jock the Cat. Pupils will then use the facts they have learned to sort materials into floating and sinking groups before using these to construct small rafts or boats for Jock. This workshop will end with a teacher-led mouse hunt around the ship to help Jock find those pesky mice!

Self-Led Visits

Only £1 per pupil and accompanying adults go free! Pupils must be supervised at all times. (Self-led visits are normally allocated a 60 min slot).

Guided Tours

Find out about the different phases of The Tall Ship’s long and adventurous life and learn about the life of a sailor at sea on a tall ship!   All guided tours are accompanied with our sensory tour kit bags at no additional charge.  The kits include objects used to engage the senses and enhance children's learning and understanding.  These are particularly useful for ASN participants.

The Lunch of the Lighthouse Keeper

In this exciting sensory workshop children meet a costumed Mrs Grinling and Hamish the cat to read ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ and hear about the life and role of a lighthouse keeper before making either their own seagull puppet, iced sea biscuits or model lighthouse to take home with them. Activities include storytelling, role play, object handling and crafts. Children will then explore the ship in a teacher led hunt searching for hidden mice.