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Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Acknowledgements

Charity / Company Information and Disclaimer

  1. This website is produced by The Clyde Maritime Trust and its associated companies, as follows:
    a.  The Clyde Maritime Trust Limited. Registered as a Charity in Scotland No. SC004608. Registered address: 150 Pointhouse Place, Glasgow G3 8RS
    b.  The Clyde Maritime Trust Limited. Registered in Scotland No. SC128338. Registered Office: 150 Pointhouse Place, Glasgow G3 8RS
    c.  The Clyde Maritime Centre Limited. Registered in Scotland No. SC141269. Registered Office: 150 Pointhouse Place, Glasgow G3 8RS
    d.  Kelvin Harbour Limited. Registered in Scotland No. SC370538. Registered Office: 150 Pointhouse Place, Glasgow G3 8RS
    The combined identities are hereafter referred to as ‘the Organisation’.
  2. The Organisation accepts no responsibility for any actions taken as a result of information published through this website.
  3. The information on the website is for personal and informational purposes only.
  4. Information should be verified as being current and accurate wherever necessary by the reader.
  5. The Organisation takes no responsibility for the content of any linked websites, nor does that link imply any endorsement or recommendation.
  6. While efforts are made to ensure that the content of the website is accurate and that the content is not offensive, the Organisation is not liable for any content not officially authorised.
  7. It remains the responsibility of the reader to ensure that they take any necessary security precautions (e.g. virus protection) regarding content accessed via the internet.
  8. The information on these pages is covered by copyright on behalf of the Organisation (except where otherwise stated). Information should not be reproduced for other than personal use unless by explicit permission of the Organisation.
  9. Within the UK, the Organisation operates under the terms of the Data Protection Act, and will comply with any requests for information under that Act. Personal Information collected via this website will only be used for the purposes stated (e.g. to provide the reader with additional information).
  10. In the event of errors of fact or function on this website, or if you need to make a complaint please contact: +44 (0)0141 357 3699 or

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The makers of this website would like to acknowledge the following for contributions to the website:

  • Photographs: Hamish Hardie, Bill Grant, Elizabeth Allen, Ian MacLellan, Colin Castle and many members of staff and volunteers  who have taken photographs in the course of their duties.
  • Research: Bill Grant for his work on historic documents

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