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The Tall Ship is found abandoned in Seville, Spain.
Galatea, her Spanish name, was vandalised, stripped from her brass work and parts of her had been burnt sown.
Her owner, the Spanish Navy, decides to sell her.
Galatea, an iconic ship for the Spanish Navy, was now threatened to be scrapped.
Clyde Maritime Trust buys her for £40.000 with the plan to bring her back to the Clyde and restore her.
Changes needed before she could be towed back.

JUNE 1993

The Tall Ship starts her journey back to Scotland.
Epic, nine day journey of 1,380 miles, with three volunteers on board.
At Garvel Dock, the ship was inspected and painted.
Placed under the Clydeport Hammerhead Crane helped to put her bowsprit back.
Resembling more of a sailing ship now, she is docked at Yorkhill bay. Restoration begins!


Clearing out 1,260 tons of ballast (iron blocks cemented on the ship’s frame) and debris .
Funding from National Lottery Heritage Fund, the European Regional Development Fund, Glasgow Development Agency and other private donors helped to carry on restoration.
Funders believed the Tall Ship being an opportunity for regeneration of the river Clyde and for people to see how great ships were built.